Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Silverprint
Silverprints are unique charms made using either a mold of a finger or a hand/foot or pawprint.  The finger or handprint impression is pressed into a special silver clay which when fired turns into 99.9% fine silver.
What age can you make fingerprints from
How do you get the fingerprint onto the Silverprints charm?
How long a name can i have on my charm?
Can i get a print on the other side of my charm?
I live in Nelson, can i come to you and do the prints?
How do you create the hand, feet and paw prints?
Can I place a more unusual order like a different shape, or multiple prints on the one charm?
I have a loved one who has passed away, can i get their prints?
Can you create a print from a hand/foot print on paper?
How long will it take to receive my Silverprints jewellery?
How do you guarantee the quality of each of your pieces?
I want to get my pet print done, how is that even possible!?
What happens if i do the prints wrong or i don’t like them?
Can I get more than one set of prints from a mold?