silver charm
We can capture your loved one's unique mark before they leave the physical world.  You can keep more than a memory of your loved one.  A silver fingerprint or handprint is a treasue that you can keep forever through the generations.


A perfect gift for Mum or Grandma, your child's fingerprint is the only part of them that will never change.  Capture your child's impression into 99.9% silver charm for a necklace or bracelet.


For those with a special furbaby, you can spoil yourself too with our pawprints charms!  They are the unique signature of your beloved pet, every pawprint is different and a perfect treasure of your cat or dog.

A Silverprint is more than a piece of jewellery.  Your loved ones unique imprint is captured in 99.9% pure silver, a treasure for the ages.  Lovingly handcrafted by master silver smith Rachel Yerbury Silverprints are finished to the highest standard to
honor the memory of your loved one.  

Many parents love having a silverprint of their new arrival.  A baby doesn't actually develop a fingerprint until they are one year old.  Hand stamps work from any age.  

Much of our work comes through funeral homes.
A mold is taken of the deceaseds fingerprint or even handprint/footprint, a small fee of $20 is taken for this.
There is NO pressure to go ahead with any charms.

Once you are ready to choose what you would like to have created, just get in touch. You can either order through the website or email us with your enquiry. 

If you would like a kit posted out to you, then just order the print only kit, and we shall get it posted asap. We know that time is of the essence in these situations, so don’t delay in getting in touch if you would like a mold taken. 

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